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Q: Do I need to bring anything to cooking class?

A: Not really. Wear appropriate clothes (bearing in mind that you will be using hot oil that may splash). Because the class is outside, mosquitoes are occasionally a problem in the evening - we usually have mosquito repellent on hand, but if you have your own, you might want to bring it with you!

Q: Do you accept payment on the day of the class?

A: Classes must normally be booked and paid for a day in advance (50% deposit) because we buy all ingredients fresh the day before the class. In some circumstances we may accept a short-notice booking with payment on arrival - feel free to call and ask.

Q: Paypal is not available in my country/I do not wish to use Paypal.

A: Please call to arrange your booking. If you live in the Philippines, we can accept a bank transfer. Otherwise, we will find some other solution.

Q: How do we find you?

A: Ask your tricycle driver to take you to Lansanes Road, RubyDina's Guest House.  It's walking distance (about 5 minutes) from One Asenso mall.

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