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Q: Do I need to bring anything to cooking class?

A: All equipment and ingredients are provided. Wear appropriate clothes - we suggesting wearing long sleeves to protect your arms while cooking, but bear in mind it can get quite hot in the kitchen!

Q: Can we start at some time other than 10am?

A: It's a private class, so within reason we can work with your schedule. Allow at least 4 hours to complete your class - it may overrun to 5 hours depending on circumstances. 

Q: Do you accept payment on the day of the class?

A: Classes must normally be booked and paid for at least one day in advance (P900 deposit) because we buy all ingredients fresh the day before the class. In some circumstances we may accept a short-notice booking with payment on arrival - feel free to call and ask.

Q: Paypal is not available in my country/I do not wish to use Paypal.

A: Please call to arrange your booking. If you live in the Philippines, we can accept a bank transfer or GCash. Otherwise, we will find some other solution.

Q: How do we find you?

A: Ask your tricycle driver to take you to 45 Socrates Road (Augusta Apartments).  It's walking distance from SM City Mall or the International Airport (about 20 minutes).

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